Campson Marina

SYC Club History

On August 12, 1954, a group of 25 local boating enthusiasts met at Paul’s Boat harbor to form a group dedicated to promote boating fellowship, to improve boating safety and provide boating facilities.  These 25 chose “Solano Boat Club” as a name since it was associated with the local area.  December 6, 1954, Lund C. Tim’s design for the Burgee was chosen as the most suitable emblem and it still flies proudly from the clubhouse, the bow of power boats, and the starboard spreader of sail boats as “Chief Solano.”  Leo Camp donated the large Naugahyde replica to the Club in June 1962.

The next few years, the group joined in frequent boat trips, fishing parties, barbeques, and projects to accumulate materials to achieve their goal of a permanent facility and assisted in the installation of the Suisun City Boat Dock and Ramp.

On July 15, 1959, the Club was reorganized with a determination to build a Clubhouse, docks and a ramp for small boats.  A lease was obtained from the Sewer District and signed in March 1960 by Secretary Moretti.  The Club then purchased a building from Camp Stoneman in November 1960 for the sum of $414.00.  The building arrived in February 1961.  During this period, the docks were being built and were first used in 1961.

The name “Solano Boat Club” was changed to our current name of “Solano Yacht Club” on April 12, 1962 and officially registered on March 4, 1963.

Solano Yacht Club joined the Pacific Inter-Club yacht Association (P.I.C.Y.A.) IN 1964.  The PICYA is a member of the Pacific Coast Yachting Association and the North America Yacht Racing Association.  SYCV also is a member of Recreational Boaters of California (ROBC), and the Northern California Power Cruiser Association.

On January 4, 1965, the By-Laws were changed.  Officers were elected in October to take office in November.

On March 7, 1966, the Goofer Flag was adopted as suggested by Joe Lynch who, incidentally, was the first to receive it in March 1966.

In June 1967, the Club paid off the Bank of America mortgage, and in February 1968, Curt Burgan put out the first “OLD SALT” newsletter.

About September 1969, the sun porch and the guest docks were completed. 

October 1972, Commodore Bauerle made application for a club liquor license with the State ABC Board.

The first Founder’s Day was celebrated in 1973 with corn beef and cabbage and beer for the cost of $3.00.

April 11, 1975, land lease for fifty (50) years with the City of Suisun was signed by the members of this Club whose names are on the appropriate plaque in the Clubhouse.  This lease period was January 1, 1975 through December 13, 2004 @ $1.00 per year.

On March 17, 1979, Club members celebrated the 25th Founder’s Day Anniversary.  A new Club sign and planters with appropriate plantings were completed for the occasion.  The first stage of the parking lot project was finished in October.

On July 4, 1979, Club members Box and Pietrucki created and staged their first British Naval Raid on our Port of Suisun.

In the spring of 1980, the bar area was enclosed creating the hall wall where the detailed map of the entire Delta is protected by a transparent covering.  In September 1980, the First Charlie hall Fishing Derby Perpetual Trophy was won by Charlie Fry.

On July 4, 1981, new flagpole, with gaff and yard, was dedicated immediately prior to the second SYC Boat parade and the third Annual Naval Raid.  In December, Martha Miller brought a singular honor to the Club; she received International acclaim by being named the predicted Lo0g Racer of the year for North America.  A trophy case was built to display her trophy and others.

In 1984, a solid foundation was built under the original building and an addition started on the east side.  It was completed in 1985 with a new entrance, office, coat room, store room and two new heads.  On July 4, 1985, a time capsule was enclosed in the new entry porch pillar.

In 1986, sun porch was remodeled with a new roof over the entire building, redwood siding and west deck completed.  In 1986, the club office was moved from the north end of the building to the east side.  The north door was blocked off and a window was installed.

In 1988, a new heating and air conditioning system was installed.

In 1989, the bathrooms and showers were moved and enlarged from the south end of the building to the east side of the building.

In 1992, the Boateak was organized.  In addition, in 1992 our docks were signed over by the Commodore to the City of Suisun so that the new Marina could be build.  It was completed in 1994.

In 1995, the Club organized an event known as the “Back Water Bash”. The club sent out invitations to numerous Yacht Clubs; there were 57 boats and between 150-170 people in attendance.  There were helicopter rides, tours of Rush Ranch, The Factory Stores, Travis Air Museum, Jelly Belly’s and Anheuser Bush.  It was the biggest and most unforgettable event the club ever organized.

Between 1997 and 1999, the patio was built on the east side of the building.  A gas grill was built in 1999, the bar area was completely remodeled.  Walls were removed to enlarge the area.  All new equipment was purchased.  A fireplace was installed.

In 2000 and 2001 because of the remodel, the membership doubled.

In 2002, electricity was installed on the guest dock.

In 2003, the Pontoon Boat was built by Ed Richardson a club member.  The club named the boat “Group Therapy”.

In 2006, the membership approved the beginning on construction on a patio on the south/west side of the building.

In 2009, the Club approved reconstruction of the back porch – the ceiling was redone and new lighting was added. 

In 2011, front porch flooring was replaced, two additional new furnaces and condensing units were added, and dining room was updated and painted.

In 2012, new canvas was replaced of the front patio.  The Club held the first Solano Yacht Club golf tournament with over 80 participants.

In 2013/2014, a new storage unit was installed on the east patio. Major renovation on the pontoon boat and engine was done.

In 2015, new patio furniture was bought for the east patio.  New carpet was installed on the porch, hall and bar area and purchase of a commercial refrigerator (large reach-in box) in galley.